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Use the Green Biscuit & FlyPuck to Improve Stickhandling Off Ice!

Product Drills

In this video, we are going to show you a few drills that can be done with the Green Biscuit and the FlyPuck to help improve your stickhandling. Practicing your stickhandling at home can be really fun because you can use it in a variety of ways.

Tyler will be helping us out today, demonstrating the core drills to help improve specific skills. We created some sort of channel to give an indicator or goal for Tyler to help maintain his control of the ball. This drill can be used for all ages and can be adjusted depending on your size as well.

Drill #2

So with the same setup that we had before, we added two Extreme Dangler training aids, one on each side. This has added another dimension to our drill and allows us to work on specific technique such as toe drag, reaching out, etc. Like we said, be creative with it but more importantly challenge yourself. You can always improve speed, strength and technique.

Drill #3

In this drill we setup our Extreme Dangler in a T position. Both pucks slide extremely well on the flooring tiles so either one can be used without a problem. With the T formation you can do a variety of different moves such as the toe drag, go out and pull back, reach out, pull out and around and many others.

These are several ways you can improve your stickhandling with the Green Biscuit, FlyPuck and Extreme Dangler as well.

HockeyShot Extreme Dangler

NEWLY DESIGNED with moveable middle legs, the HockeyShot Extreme Dangler™ gives you the freedom to create more custom puck control and stick-handling drills.

Visit the Extreme Dangler page


The Flypuck as it's one of the best off-ice training aids. These products slide very well on off-ice surfaces such as cement, concrete and asphalt, while simulating the exact glide and feel of an on-ice puck! They are available in 3 different weight classes to either improve your strength, speed or agility.

Green Biscuit

The Green Biscuit is an off-ice training hockey puck that will help you and your team develop passing and stickhandling skills that will blow your competition away. Try it and you will agree.

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