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Train with the right puck to improve your on-ice performance. HockeyShot offers a selection of hockey pucks and stickhandling balls to help you elevate your skills.

We sell pucks and stickhandling balls in Canada to help you get the right feel for how a puck will be on the ice.

Train with HockeyShot’s hockey pucks, and your stickhandling, passing, and shooting will never be the same. Train like the pros today.


Reap the benefits when you invest in a HockeyShot puck or stickhandling ball:

  • Choose from a wide selection of pucks, biscuits, and stickhandling balls in Canada
  • Choose a puck or stickhandling ball to suit your skill, comfort level, and desired technique
  • Use on ice, dryland, or any HockeyShot flooring
  • Different pucks for various drills and skill-building activities


  • Dangle Pucks: Train with a HockeyShot Dangle Puckto gain the confidence to dangle around any opponent. Our dangle pucks will glide, slide, and ride any hard, flat surface.
  • Green Biscuits: Green biscuits weigh less than standard pucks. Their weight allows them to slide effectively off-ice for dryland stickhandling and passing.
  • Dryland Puck: Train off-ice with a premium dryland puck from HockeyShot.
  • Comet Puck: Comet Hockey Pucks are LED illuminated light up hockey pucks. Consider practicing with this lit biscuit.
  • Lightweight Hockey Pucks: Lightweight blue hockey pucks are best suited for beginners. Practice your stickhandling and build agility, speed, and coordination.
  • Weighted Hockey Pucks: Weighted orange hockey pucks are advanced pucks designed to improve a player’s power, strength, and general speed.
  • Sauce Biscuits: Our Sauce Biscuits help improve a player’s ability to sauce and pass.