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Collection: Skating Accessories

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HockeyShot’s skating aids are easy to use and great for improving your ice skating stride. Train with any of our skate training aids and make a difference in your game today.

We sell premium skating aids in Canada online to provide hockey players with the support they need to grow and improve their skating skills. Our selection includes aids for all levels of hockey players and various positions.

Grab a skating training aid from HockeyShot to develop stability on the ice. Our aids are suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Train with our skate training aids to stay balanced and controlled while skating past the competition.


HockeyShot carries premium skate training aids in Canada to help you get to the puck first. Consider the benefits of training with our different skating aids:

  • Ideal for beginner and experienced skaters
  • Develop basic skating skills
  • Improve your skating agility
  • Improve your balance & stability
  • Warm-up both on and off the ice


  • Skate Weights: Skate weights are training aids designed to improve your skating speed, increase your endurance, and build your leg strength.
  • Skate Trainers: Skate trainers are ideal for beginners who require support for their skates. Skate trainers are like training wheels for a bicycle, as they get beginners used to skating and balancing on-ice.
  • Skate Guards: Rolling skate guards allow hockey players and skaters alike to roller skate with their ice blades.
  • Skate Sharpeners: : Sharpeners keep skates sharp for on-ice training and practice.