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Off-Ice Shooting Games

Skill Drills

Shooting games can be played to improve your shot but proper technique and exertion is crucial in order to really maximize your shot. Here are 4 games that are fun and challenging to improve your shooting skills.

Post game

Each player starts with 5 pucks, you alternate each shot and the goal is to hit as many posts as possible, so either left side, right side or the crossbar. If after the 5 pucks, the game is tied, we go in a shootout, which means we each get 3 extra shots. If after this, the game is still tied, it’s becomes sudden death. To make this game even more challenging you can turn it into a best of seven series.

Around the world

This game can be played individually or with multiple players at a time. Players will need a training aid or a shooting target in order for this game to work. Their are two mains ways you can play this game, the first ones requires the player to have 10 shots and you have two chances to hit an individual opening. So for example, you start with the low right target, follow that with the high right, low left, high left to finally finish with the five-hole. If you miss any of the targets, you have to start over, and when you do count how many pucks you have left. The best score someone can have is 5 pucks left, which means you didn’t miss any of the targets.

The other way you can play is shoot until you hit all the targets areas. You need to analyze how many shots it took you, and try to beat that score the next time.


In this game, players are calling out certain spots on goal that need to be hit. If this is done, the next player has to hit this exact same shot. If the player is unable to do so, the player gets a letter, so in this instance he would get the first one so H. The first player to get all the letters of the word HORSE loses. This game can be played between two or more players.


In this last game, you will need the help of a shooting aid or targets to execute properly. The idea of count up is to hit the opening as many times as possible, players get 1 point for each opening they hit. When the players miss an opening, they need to move on to the next and once all 5 are completed, they add up all their scores. The point here is to get the highest score possible and hit each specific openings as many times as possible without missing.