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HockeyShot Slide Board Training Guide - The Lunge

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If you made a post season resolution to build up your power and explosiveness in your legs to improve your skating stride, the lunge and HockeyShot Slide Board Pro will be great tools for your workout.

Lay your SlideBoard on a carpet or other flat surface wore it won’t move around. Wearing your fashion-forward Slide Board Booties, place one foot on the Slideboard at one end, and the other foot just over on the other side of the bumper guard.

With a slight knee bend with both legs, and with your upper torso leaning forward at a 45-degree angle, slide your rear leg back, along the SlideBoard as if you were pushing off in a skating stride. The angle of your upper body will feel like you are poised with your stick over the puck. If it helps, hold your stick and have a Green Biscuit or other puck shaped disc for extra realism.

You may want to play some inspiring music, or have a game on while you are practicing your stride. Ensure you have your core and glute muscles tight while you are doing this exercise. Do a bunch of reps on one leg, then mosey down to the other end of the Slideboard to work out your other leg. Balance is key, as is good posture.

As you build up your confidence, you can increase your speed. Going too fast too soon could make you face plant on your basement floor. Think your team mates would ever let you live down carpet burn on your face? Technique over speed until you learn how to do this exercise safely!

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