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Using Pylons for Hockey Drills - Review

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In this video, we will be discussing different sorts of pylons and cones that are better suited to mimic hockey drills.

The first option we have are the traditional hockey pylons that we find in most sports store. We don’t recommend using them, as they are very light and very unstable. If you hit them with the puck or your stick, odds are that the pylon will fly across the ice.

Another option, are the HockeyShot Weighted Cones. These pylons are approximately 6’’ tall and the great thing about them is that their low center of gravity and weight, makes them steadier than the traditional pylons. Great for stickhandling, players can easily manoeuver around and over them.

The third option are the HockeyShot Agility Cones. These cones are surprisingly better fitted for on-ice training than people think. There wide base and sharp edges allow them to stay in place and not move that much at all. They are also very thin but very pliable as well.

Finally, the big pylons are hard to find, you need to go straight to the supplier in most cases to find them. Otherwise, they are a much more expensive option then the ones above.

We definitely recommend the Agility Cones as your number 1 option, but the Weighted Cones are great as well. You can find both at

Agility Cones

Great for a variety of different agility drills, the Agility Cones are small, lightweight and very durable. This is a great tool to work on your Dryland training, as you can work on proper technique.

Visit the Agility Cones page.

Weighted Cone

The "HOCKEY" cone. High visibility orange cone with black base. Stackable. Soft PVC construction allows for durability in cold temperatures or on ice.

Visit the Weighted Cone page.