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HockeyShot Puck Stopper Edging Product Spotlight

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HockeyShot Puck Stopper Edging is the best friend for your training tiles. This product works with our All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles, our Revolution Tiles, and our Premium Revolution Tiles. The Puck Stopper Edging is ideal for hockey players of all skill levels who are looking to not waste prime practice time chasing after fly-away pucks. There is nothing worse than having to break your momentum during a practice to go get the puck that slid off of your stick and off your surface.

Designed to keep your pucks in your space, Puck Stopper Edging is ideal for either keeping all of your pucks and equipment contained, or just keeping your walls free of any more scuff marks. If you’re using this edging on any of our skating tiles, this multipurpose edging is a great way to practice wall push-offs during skating drill sessions. Perfect for creating a barrier around your practice space or practicing quick start-offs. HockeyShot Puck Stopper Edging is an essential for any hockey player wanting to take their practice space to the next level.

HockeyShot Puck Stopper Edging is made from the same durable materials as our All-Star Dryland tiles, so you know it's going to hold up with whatever force you use. Hit it with pucks, sticks and even skates, it’ll still do its job at the end of the day. This edging is also weatherproofed, allowing you to leave it out in the rain, sun or snow without any worry of damage. Puck Stopper Edging pieces have the same dovetail connections as our tiles, allowing it to expand and retract simultaneously with different temperatures. Rain or shine this edging stops at nothing to assist you with your hockey needs. To install your Puck Stopper Edging, lay the edging down first and place the tile on top of it. The edging is designed this way, in order to make sure the edging doesn’t unlock with the tile when coming in contact with impact.

Puck Stopper Edging can also be used as push-off edging in conjunction with your tiles to create your own slide board setup. Made with durable materials, this multipurpose edging can be used to keep your pucks contained, enhance your stride push-offs, and can be used in conjunction with other HockeyShot products to get the most out of your training.

The HockeyShot Puck Stopper Edging is the perfect edition to any training space as it:
  • Aligns seamlessly with our All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles, Revolution Tiles, and Premium Revolution Tiles
  • Can be paired with the Edge Rebounding Foam and be turned into a compact passer
  • Retains shape and durability through various weather conditions
  • Manages fly-away pucks and protects your surroundings

  • HockeyShot Puck Stopper Edging is proudly made in Canada, a country known for the love of hockey. Through the durability of this product, the Puck Stopper Edging is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and doesn’t have to be dismantled for weather conditions. The multipurpose edging allows you to get creative with your set-up and tailor it to suit your own training needs. Don’t waste valuable practice time chasing after your pucks. Keep your pucks neatly contained while also protecting your surroundings. If you’re on the hunt for a finishing touch to your training space or a versatile product that allows you to practice many different skills, the HockeyShot Puck Stopper Edging is for you!

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