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HockeyShot Training Balance Board Product Spotlight

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Two main elements that are crucial for any hockey player are balance and stability. HockeyShot's Training Balance Board & Tyler Seguin Nine One Balance Board are the perfect training product to help improve core strength, stability and balance.

These Balance Boards are designed to target the same muscles and coordination that you would use while on the ice. They are the ideal on-the-go product as they're lightweight, easy to assemble, and can be used almost anywhere.

Made out of heavy-duty engineered wood board for strength and agility, the board alone measures 29” x 10 ¾” x 7/8”. Due to the size and the lightweight material, this makes it easily portable, so you can take it to the gym or rink as part of your warm-up/pre-game routine. Take your balance board training to the next level, and pair it with your stand-still stickhandling drills to increase the difficulty and mimic real-game skills.

The HockeyShot Training Balance Board & Nine One Balance Board are dual sided to create a different feel for the user. On one side of the board there is durable grip tape, keeping you in place when you’re using the board. On the other side, there are rubber strips to help keep you centered on the rolling cylinder. As it comes with the rolling cylinder detached, this allows you to use the board either with grip tape up, or down for various degrees of difficulty. The rolling cylinder also has a durable texture, making it safe for most surfaces.

These Balance Boards offer many features to help improve your balance, coordination, stability and overall core strength. These features include:
  • Heavy-duty engineered wood board
  • Improve your balance and core strength
  • Lightweight design to take it anywhere
  • Two-sided for a difference in difficulty levels
  • Ability to be paired with stickhandling drills

    Core muscles are vital for any hockey player, and with the use of the Training Balance Board & Nine One Balance Board, you’ll start to see improvements in no time. Customize your training to strengthen those muscles and get the most out of your session. Focus on your stability with the HockeyShot Balance Boards! 

    Visit the Training Balance Board or the Tyler Seguin Nine One Balance Board pages to learn more.