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Improve your reaction time and move quickly between the pipes to save more goals. Train with HockeyShot’s goals and nets for goalies, and you will develop and fine-tune your goaltending skills in no time.

We carry hockey goals and nets in Canada that help goalies improve their agility, lateral quickness, puck control, hand-eye coordination, and overall strength.

HockeyShot’s goaltending goals and nets are suitable for all ages, skill levels, and positions. At HockeyShot, our aids grow with you. We carry hockey goals and backstops in Canada that can accommodate your changing needs.

A goalie is a team’s last line of defence. Train with our goals and nets to stop goals and save games; your team will thank you.


HockeyShot is your source for goals and nets in Canada. Elevate your goaltending skills and make those game-changing saves when you train with our goals and nets:

  • Practice inside and outside
  • Improve reaction time and reflexes
  • Improve agility and lateral quickness
  • Improve puck control
  • Develop better hand-eye coordination and overall strength.
  • Durable


Goals & Nets: Practice saving goals with our durable hockey goals and nets.

Replacement Nets: If your net gets too much wear, there is no need to worry. We carry replacement netting so that you can continue your goalie training.

Knee Hockey Sets: You can start small (literally) with our knee hockey sets. Our sets include player sticks, goalie sticks, goalie nets, and soft foam balls.