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Off-Ice Drills with a Slide Board

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One of the toughest skills to work on when away from the rink is skating. While many use roller blades to skate outdoors, it isn’t quite the same thing as being on the ice.

A slide board is an effective tool to help work the same muscles involved in skating. This video features the PowerSlide Slideboard* and shows you a number of different types ofoff-ice drills to improve skating and stickhandling. The slide board is made of a smooth material that lays flat on thefloor. On either end are stoppers which help control movement side to side. It comes with nylon booties that should be worn on your feet when simulating skating.

Improve Stickhandling and Skating Together

Stickhandling drills off-ice are great, but when you are playing you are on the ice with the stick and a puck. When used in combination with a HockeyShot Roll-Up Shooting Pad with a puck or Green Biscuit, you can place the Slide Board next to the pad and simulate skating and stick handling simultaneously working on a number of different drills. You can even add the Extreme Passing Kit on top of the slide board for even more stickhandling drills while sliding back and forth.

Get a Slide Board to work out those skating muscles. You can add a Roll-Up Shooting Pad and other accessories to work on skating and stickhandling at the same time.

Slide Boards

Slide Boards help players develop the quick, explosive power in your skating stride. Increase your lateral power, strength, agility and endurance off the ice. Make a difference today!

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*PowerSlide Slideboard is no longer available through