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Stickhandling Series - Passing Puck Through Feet

Skill Drills

This is Drill #9 in the HockeyShot Stickhandling Series. Create good stickhandling habits when you work on this drill. This is a drill you can create with just a puck and your stick. View the video and follow the techniques below.

Start in the basic stickhandling position and move the puck laterally besides your body. Then extended your reach a bit further behind and use the toe of your blade to pull the puck back in between your feet where you will kick it back to your stick blade.

  • Be comfortable stick handling laterally
  • Flexible rolling action with your top wrist to pull the puck
  • Rotate your upper body
  • Use the toe of your blade to pull puck back
  • You can use a staggered stance
  • Start slowly and progress faster once you feel comfortable
  • Keep your head up and use your peripheral vision to see the puck