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HockeyShot Reactive Sniper Product Spotlight

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Looking for a device to help with your reaction time? You’ve found the one. The HockeyShot Reactive Sniper helps you to improve your response time along with developing your cognitive abilities.

This revolutionary training device can be used for many different training exercises and allows you to customize your training whether it’s for improving stickhandling, shooting, passing and more. By using the 4-colour options, 5 directional arrow locations, and 5 interval speed options, this allows you to get the most out of your training by adjusting the drills to suit your needs.

This product is perfect for any hockey player looking to improve their reaction time and be able to customize a drill just for them! It’s never fun practicing the same drill over and over again. With the Reactive Sniper, this forces you get out of old repetitive habits and encourages you to think on the fly, with the arrow, colour and speed combinations. The five arrows on the Reactive Sniper simulate the five key shooting zones on the net. Top left corner, top right corner, bottom left corner, bottom right corner and five hole. Depending on the type of drill, or skill level, the speed on the Reactive Sniper can be adjusted as needed. You can also change the number of colours shown on the Reactive Sniper from 2, 3 or 4 colours, allowing full customization for your drills.

Let’s think of a quick drill example. In a shooting drill, as the Reactive Sniper has four different colours that light up, each colour can indicate a different type of shot. As a colour and arrow light up, this could let you know, where you’re shooting and what type of shot. When they light up, shoot in that zone with the designated type of shot. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it, drill possibilities are endless!

For setup and play, we recommend using the strap on the top of your Reactive Sniper to hang it from the crossbar of your goal in the middle to keep your head up. The Reactive Sniper also comes with a tripod if you don’t want to hang it from your crossbar. The tripod is a great tool and comes in handy when practicing not only shooting drills but also stickhandling or passing drills. Along with the tripod, the Reactive Sniper also comes with four coloured floor dots corresponding to the colours displayed on the Reactive Sniper. You can use these coloured dots to pair with your Reactive Sniper to customize your own training. For example, in a stickhandling drill, when the light on the Reactive Sniper flashes red, you stickhandle to your red dot and back to your neutral position. These dots can be incorporated within shooting, stickhandling, passing or overall workout training sessions.

The HockeyShot Reactive Sniper is designed to be impact resistant; however, it is not unbreakable. If hit with high powered shots, the Reactive Sniper can break, although with lower speed shots it can hold up no problem. While we don’t recommend you hit the Reactive Sniper, it was designed to handle shots up to 55 mph (90 kph). The Reactive Sniper uses 3AA batteries for practicing remotely, perfect for transporting to various locations. However, if you’re indoors and close to an outlet, it has the option to be powered with a regular Android USB key.

The Reactive Sniper allows for any hockey player to improve their game through focusing on their reaction time, with the help of features such as:
  • Top indicator light displays 4 different colours (red, blue, yellow & green)
  • 5 brightly lit white arrows, that can be seen from a distance, inside or outside
  • 5 speed settings with completely random sequences
  • Tripod included allowing for set-up anywhere for better training experience

  • Reaction time is such an important skill for every hockey player to learn and develop. With the using the 4-colour options, 5 directional arrow locations, and 5 interval speed options, this allows for ultimate customization of drills to suit your needs. Get the most out of your training by allowing the product to help you improve in the areas that you want to work on. Set the Reactive Sniper up anywhere for a better training experience. If you want to work on your reaction time, make sure to check out the Reactive Sniper!

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