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HockeyShot Extreme Dangler Review

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The Extreme Dangler is a stickhandling aid for working on improving your skills both on the ice and off ice. You can use this product with any type of hockey ball or puck to practice your favorite moves and drills such as figure eights or toe drags and more.

When used for dryland training, the HockeyShot Extreme Dangler can be used with a shooting pad or flooring tiles. It is lightweight for ease of transporting yet made of a durable plastic material that can tolerate some abuse.

Product Features

The Extreme Dangler model featured in the video is four foot in length and is held above the ground or ice by four towers. A smaller version called the Mini Dangler is also available but is not discussed in the video.

Two middle towers are adjustable so they can be evenly spaced to create three openings or pushed towards the ends to create one, larger opening. This is an important feature. When working off ice having three, smaller openings works great for stationary stickhandling. And when on the ice and in motion a wider opening is desirable.

On the base of the towers are sticky pads for use on dryland surfaces and retractable spikes which can be used to secure the HockeyShot Extreme Dangler on ice. All that is needed is a Phillips Head screwdriver.


A variety of stickhandling drills are presented during the last few minutes of the video on different surfaces, including synthetic ice featuring both adults and youth players using balls and pucks. Some drills show how to use two HockeyShot Extreme Danglers set apart from each other or in combination with other training aids to expand the possible types of stickhandling drills that can be practiced.

The HockeyShot Extreme Dangler can also be used for more than stickhandling. The video shows the product in use as an obstacle for practicing saucer passes with a partner. It can also be used for jumping drills on the ice as well.

So if you need to work on your stickhandling skills either at home or on the ice, get the Extreme Dangler

Extreme Dangler

Designed with moveable middle legs, the Extreme Dangler gives you the freedom to create more custom puck control and stick-handling drills.

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Mini Dangler

Small enough to carry in a backpack and set up anywhere, the HockeyShot Extreme Dangler Mini builds better puck control skills either on or off the ice!

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