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Hockey Experts Choose HockeyShot


It is important to stay consistent and motivated all year so that your hockey skills never fall short. HockeyShot Products can help develop and maintain your skills in a range of ways. Need help deciding which product is right for you? Let’s hear from some renowned hockey coaches and experts to hear which HockeyShot Product is their go to training aid.

Pavel Barber, stickhandling specialist and creator of ‘World’s Best Amateur Hockey Videos’ on YouTube which has more than 150,000 subscribers, has partnered with HockeyShot to help bring HockeyShot Training Aids to his subscribers. When asked about HockeyShot, Pavel responded by saying,

Working with HockeyShot has been great. I am always very cautious when I align myself with a certain brand. I see them as a progressive brand who care about the advancement of the game. They have been very open minded with me which is extremely important as an “ideas guy”. I need to have an environment like that to get good ideas going to help out the best I can, and they definitely provide that. I am beyond excited in partnering with them and can’t wait to see what we can do for the game of hockey in the future.

We feel the same way about Pavel and are thrilled to help him step up his training game as well as his audiences.

hockey experts choose hockeyshot Pavel Barber

One of HockeyShot’s top selling products, the Dangle Puck 2.0, is one of Pavel’s favourites because it provides a realistic training experience that allows you to practice your skills to be able to dangle around any player. As he told us,

The Dangle Puck blew me away! I am constantly in desperate search for off-ice pucks that perform and slide like they do on ice or dryland surfaces... No other puck came close to being able to slide like this one. It’s like a puck sliding on a clean sheet of ice! Total game changer as it forces me to react faster and allows me to transfer from off-ice to on-ice easier.

Second round pick for the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2007, Stefan Legein knows a thing or two about at home training, so we asked him what HockeyShot Products help him keep his game in peak condition. When asked about the importance of off-ice training Stefan said,

Off ice training means exercising daily and HockeyShot products make sure to always keep me and my clients in great shape. They provide the best products to get the most out of my training regimen. I personally like the HockeyShot dryland items.

We are thrilled to hear HockeyShot is a big part of Stefan’s training regime, but what products help him keep up not only his endurance but also technical skills like stickhandling? HockeyShot Products help Stefan keep all aspects of his game sharp as he tells us,

My student’s stickhandling has never been quicker! The HockeyShot stickhandling products make practicing very easy. I like to use the Extreme Stickhandling Ball with Extreme Danglers to improve hand speed on or off the ice.

And what about when it comes to training alone? The HockeyShot Extreme Passer is here to keep you motivated just like Stefan,

Thanks to HockeyShot, passing & shooting has never been easier! The Extreme Passer Clamp On rebounds the puck right back to you as if you had a friend there and the Extreme Shooter Tutor gives you real target holes to aim at just like a goalie.

We’re glad that Stefan loves the versatility of HockeyShot Products as much as we do.

To cap it off we have HockeyShot’s official Bench Boss Jeremy Rupke. We have partnered with Jeremy and his website to help bring premium hockey training aids and drills to your home. We here at HockeyShot very much admire Jeremy and we think it’s safe to say he feels the same way after he said,

HockeyShot truly is the leader for innovative ice hockey training products. They continue to push the envelope, achieving success in creating off & on ice tools that any hockey player (young or old) would be happy to own. If you want to improve your game, HockeyShot is the only way to go!

hockey experts choose hockeyshot jeremy

Thanks for all the kind words from our friends and partners. HockeyShot is thrilled to have relationships with so many great hockey coaches and experts out there. We are committed to bringing you the highest quality hockey products and at home hockey training aids, so what are you waiting for? Join the HockeyShot Revolution today.