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HGTV: Moving the McGillvrays – Episode 9 “Moving on Up”


A TV series from HGTV (Canada), Scott McGillvray and his wife Sabrina, plan and build their forever home for their young family. In every episode of Moving the McGillivrays, viewers get a glimpse into the extremely busy lives of Scott and Sabrina to see how they balance working full-time, taking care of their children, which includes two daughters, and being part of every decision making that needs to happen to give them their new dream home.

home synthetic ice rink

The McGillivrays haven’t lost sight of the fact that there are families across the country who need help building and rebuilding their own homes. They help build a home for a hard-working, family in need, all the while making sure their new house is completed on time and on budget. There is laughter, good times, and more than a few tears when both homes are move-in ready and two families’ lifelong dreams come true :)

WATCH: EPISODE 9 - *You can skip ahead to 31:50 for HockeyShot Synthetic Ice or to 41:50 for hockey puck through drywall!

HockeyShot is featured in episode 9, entitled “Moving on Up”. After weeks of living in the cramped in-law suite, the McGillivrays are finally ready to move upstairs. Scott shows Sabrina how a trip to Vegas inspired their new master bedroom complete with a balcony, walk-in-and-up closet and a fireplace. Scott decides to defy science by building a basement hockey ice rink. The ice that Scott uses in this episode is Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice. This shows how easily you can use any HockeyShot product in your own home, especially something as fantastic as having your own ice rink in your basement, garage, driveway or backyard!

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HockeyShot products that are shown throughout this episode are Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice, Sauce Kits, Extreme Shooter Tutor, Extreme Goal, and Pucks & Balls. HockeyShot Synthetic Ice is given an incredible showcase to show how it works, is set up (Jeremy Rupke makes an appearance), and the functionality of it once it is ready to be used. Scott showed off the ice rink to his family and friends and everyone immediately fell in love with the coolest idea ever. Despite his brother putting a Hockeyshot puck into his wall, Scott couldn’t be happier with his decision to put an ice rink in his basement of his dream house!

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