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Extreme Goal Targets Review

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Do you need to work on your shooting accuracy? Looking for a simple, cost effective way to improve your shot? Well then the HockeyShot Extreme Targets are for you.

The Extreme Targets system is a simple, cost effective tool for improving shooting accuracy both for on ice as well as off ice training. Each set of three flag targets hang on a bungee cord which has hooks on each end to attach to the goal. You can use multiple sets at different vertical positions across the goal and move the flags to where you want as well.

The entire system is extremely light weight so that you can take them in your hockey bag to the rink or just about any place where a net is set up for practicing. And the price won’t break the bank either. The light weight of the targets also eliminates the annoying shifting of heavier target systems after a few uses which requires taking time out of practicing shooting to readjust the targets.

The video demonstrates how simple the system is to set up and use and also shows using the targets both by adults and kids. You can use the HockeyShot Extreme Goal Targets in combination with the HockeyShot Extreme Passing Kit set up in the goal to practice rebound shots. And the video shows you how to use these two products together as well.

Product Features

  • Bungie Cord w/hooks on each end
  • Three flag targets (10" x 10")
  • Flexible positioning/adjustable
  • Hangs in the Net
  • Light weight - does not weigh down and droop
  • Portable – folds up and easily fits in hockey bag
  • Cost Effective – reasonably priced

HockeyShot Extreme Targets

Become the sniper your team needs you to be with HockeyShot’s Extreme Goal Targets. In seconds, you can configure them however you want in a net or on a wall, and you can create drills for yourself to improve accuracy and shot power.

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