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Frequently Asked Questions

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HockeyShot Products

When your skates cut into the synthetic ice, that cut loses a bit of its pigmentation (just like when you bend a piece of coloured plastic, you will notice it loses pigmentation at the bend). This is not as evident on the white tiles because there is very little contrast. Whereas on the coloured tiles, that contrast is more pronounced as it is a light marking on a blue surface as opposed to a light marking on a white surface.

Click here for normal blue tile wear!
Shavings and cuts are OK!

Synthetic Ice has come a long way in the last half decade! We are proud to be part of the pioneers who led the “self-lubricating panel” movement. And we haven't stopped our continuous R&D as we head the pack.

Of course, skating on synthetic ice will be a bit different from skating on real ice. Although there is a higher coefficient (10-15%) of friction compared to real ice, the period of accustomization for most is short-lived (~5mins) and skating is always noticeably more comfortable once the steel on your skates heats up. The latter coupled with a freshly sharpened pair of skates and proper skating technique will mean that a skater is soon performing all the same movements - clean strides to effortless transitions - as they would on real ice. And the best part? The added friction forces players really focus on their technique, so when they hop back on real ice, the same biomechanics are directly translatable and players are absolutely flying!

All models of our HockeyShot flooring can be set up either indoors or outdoors.

The most important factor when installing is to have a level, flat, hard surface for your HockeyShot flooring. Asphalt, concrete, and wood structures are the most recommended substrates. We never recommend setting up HockeyShot flooring directly on grass or dirt.

For any surfaces that are wall-to-wall or have a surrounding perimeter containment, please factor in an expansion tolerance gap for warmer/humid days. Like most modular flooring, temperature changes will see your surface contract and expand.

Yes! Synthetic Ice is perfect for all skaters!

Hockey forwards, defensemen, and goalies, ranging from minor to professional, can all improve their skating on synthetic ice.

For figure skaters, we do not recommend practicing any moves with aggressive use of the toe pick, as it may damage the surface. Traditional skating, stride practice, and spins are very much encouraged as they do not require the toe pick.

Skaters of all skill levels can practice forward and backward skating, hard stops, crossovers, and tight turns! 


Just like real ice, your skates make cuts into synthetic ice! With every stride, pivot, and stop, your skates will cut into the synthetic ice and little plastic shavings will form.

Similar to how real ice is zambonied after every period, you will need to vacuum or sweep up these shavings occasionally when skating on synthetic ice.  As you skate more and more, the synthetic ice will wear down slowly over time, but the act of skating on your tiles wears them down evenly. 

You will notice these cuts and shavings more with our coloured tiles than our standard white tiles.

In order to keep your tiles looking fresh, we recommend covering with a tarp when not in use if your setup is outside. Dirt and grime will find its way into the cuts a groves created during play. 

For optimal performance of any HockeyShot flooring - the cleaner you can keep the surface, the more enjoyment you'll get out of it! On all plastic surfaces, care should be taken to limit the residual dirt/debris that may accumulate from the surrounding area and outdoor shoes.

From a basic cleaning standpoint - warm water and PH neutral soap can be used to remove any superficial dirt or stains. Please avoid any strong chemicals or abrasive cleaning products when caring for your surface.


We’ve heard our Extreme Glide synthetic ice referred to as “Sweep n Go” ice. While maintenance really depends on the hours used and the surrounding climate- our panels are high density, non-porous sheets that usually only require basic maintenance (after use) such as: daily sweeping & weekly mopping with a mild, pH neutral soap. Some higher traffic and/or outdoor surfaces may require more frequent deep cleaning (power scrubber/washer).


Indoors or outdoors! The best base for your rink is a hard, flat and level surface. By having this as a foundation, it optimizes the performance of the panels along with your overall skating area. A cement base, sport court, or flat asphalt/pavement provide the ideal surface for your panel. If you do not have this, there are some options to build varying grades of wooden structures (skeleton or decking platforms) with temporary or permanent supports. Extreme Glide panels can not be set up directly on grass.  

Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice can be enjoyed year-round and in all temperatures. Extreme Glide panels are UV protected and stress relieved. They will not degrade in sunlight or warp deteriorate as temperature increases or decreases.

For outdoor installations, we recommend covering your surface with a tarp when it is not being used to protect the synthetic ice panels from dirt, dust, pollen, sap from trees, bird droppings, and leaves. When leaves become wet they will leach colours and stain any surface they come in contact with.

Of course! We’ve had a number of Olympic and National level skaters train on our surface and they always identify how smooth and natural the skating feels. Much of this performance lies in the HDPE recipe we’ve engineered which sees our panels walk the perfect line between hard and slightly less hard surface tension. It offers a dynamic responsiveness for both young and elite skaters alike. 

Toe picks are more aggressive to the surface than a hockey skate and they will affect the lifespan of the panel. In order to mitigate accelerated wear & tear from this, we always recommend limiting movements such as toe-assisted takeoffs and jumps to a few select panels. This way, if there were to be excessive damage to your designated area, you would only seek to replace these particular panels; not your whole surface.

All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles were designed specifically for hockey training, while the Multi-Sport Tiles were designed for a wide variety of sports, including hockey.  The Dryland tiles provide an ice-like surface for stickhandling, passing, and shooting. The smooth surface allows for a natural puck glide that you simply can't find on most "off-ice" surfaces. The Multi Sport Tiles have a textured surface that provides a better grip for running, jumping and playing a wide variety of sports such as ball hockey, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and much more. 

Note that regular black pucks do not not slide very well on the Multi-Sport Tiles, but the HockeyShot Extreme Dryland Puck and Dangle Puck 2.0 slide well on these tiles. While there are several other differences, some of the main differences are the size (18" x 18" Dryland Tiles vs. 12" x 12" Multi Sport Tiles), the connections (symmetric for Dryland Tiles, directional for Multi Sport Tiles), etc.  To see all the features of each product, make sure to visit the respective product pages.

To start, let's look at the base similarities! Both are glide infused synthetic ice which allows the user to skate on the surface without need for additional glide enhancers. Assembly of either surface is simple and all types of conventional ice skates can be used on both.

For the base differences, Revolution Tiles are small molded squares (18" x 18") that are skateable on 1-side. They are a synthetic ice that offers a resistance factor between 10-15% depending on the skater. Due to their smaller size and thinner surface composition, they are often considered the most accessible synthetic ice option on the market. Extreme Glide Panels are robust, large, reversible skateable sheets that are offered in standard sizes of 4'x4' and 4'x8'. They are a synthetic ice that delivers a premier performance experience with dynamic edge response feel. This is due to the rigidity of the panel and a special glide recipe embedded throughout the whole core.

It should be noted that Revolution Tiles have a symmetrical clipping connection system, while Extreme Glide panels each have a precision cut dovetail connection. As such, Revolution Tiles and Extreme Glide do not have connection compatibility.

Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels, Revolution Tiles, and Dryland Tiles are designed for use inside and outside. They are UV protected to prevent sun damage, however we recommend covering the tiles with a tarp or storing inside when not in use. If left outside for long periods of time they will become damaged.

Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels, Revolution Tiles, and Dryland Tiles should be laid on any hard, flat surface such as concrete, asphalt or wood.

Just like real ice, Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels and HS Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles will leave shavings. The only maintenance required is sweeping/vacuuming up shavings every few hours or so of use. If your tiles become dirty with debris like dust or dirt, you can use a wet mop to clean the surface. 

Do not use any kind of wax, including car wax, on any HockeyShot Tiles (Extreme Glide, Revolution, Dryland). If you wish to improve the ease at which the puck glides, you can apply the HS Extreme Glide Polish to your tiles.

For all other products, do not leave them outside. Prolonged exposure to sun, rain and snow will degrade them. Damage due to weather exposure is not covered under warranty. 

Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice was designed for use with regular hockey, leisure, and figure skates and will not damage your blades. Just remember to keep them sharpened for optimal performance!

If wearing figure skates, we do not recommend practicing any moves with aggressive use of the toe pick, as it may damage the surface. Traditional skating, stride practice and spins are very much encouraged as they do not require the toe pick.

Yes. The repetitive movements over the same panels will result in quicker wear and tear and are not factored into our estimated lifespan or warranty. This is true for all synthetic ice used in the “crease area”. The good news is that panels outside of this immediate area may be rotated in to provide an extended lifespan to the full surface. We always recommend our thicker ½” panels for serious goalie training hours.

As for equipment, none at all! All drills done on real ice can be done on Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice. The small resistance factor helps with responsible technique (less cheating) and movement; our goalie partner centers have mentioned improved core and balance in their athletes after a few sessions on Extreme Glide. Our Synthetic Ice is ideal for goalies as it allows you to “keep your edge” and limits the skidding out that is often experienced on other formats of synthetic ice.

No. Our two Synthetic Ice brands do not have compatible connections.

100%! HockeyShot has been around since 2007 and we are here to stay!

Our Extreme Glide panels of the same format/thickness are modular and our dovetail connection pattern will remain standard so you can always add more panels down the road.

Starting line up: Gloves, measuring tape (measure twice, cut once), ~4lb rubber mallet, skill/table saw (if cuts required) starting at 40 tooth count blade.

Many variables play into this answer (age, skill, ice sport, objective etc.) so there really is no right answer. But, if you want a good personal skills pad using our Extreme Glide panels or Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles; 16’ x 20’ (320sqft) is a fun surface size to get started.

If you want a good personal skills pad using our All-Star Dryland Tiles (non-skateable), less space is required to get started. 

Our panels are embedded with UV inhibitors so there is no specific material deterioration due sun exposure. Additionally, rain or snow will not affect the integrity of the panels; just squeegee or shovel off before using and you’re ready to skate! In hotter climates, a shelter over the rink could be considered to shade athletes from the direct sun...or in regions where there are deciduous trees, the shelter could help limit the debris clean up. As a rule of thumb, an outdoor surface should be covered with a tarp when not in use.

There are two great options for installing your Shooting Tarp! A ceiling and a wall hang! 

* It is important to note that no hardware is included with our Shooting Tarps. You will need to purchase different hardware depending on the hang type selected. We recommend purchasing the following at a minimum:

  • 1 x 16ft’ 2" x 4" to attach to Shooting Tarp
  • Handful of screws
  • 20 x washers - big enough to cover grommets on Shooting Tarp 
  • Chains to hang Shooting Tarp - attach to 2"x4" or each individual grommet 

For each, 12" off the wall is recommended. There is a hem at the bottom of the Tarp to insert a weighted chain, which will allow taught hang and mitigate sway. Do not insert a metal pipe or rod- this will damage the hem. Your Shooting Tarp came with two bungee cords so you can quickly and easily roll it out of the way.

Ceiling Hang
Ceiling Hang 2
Ceiling Hang 3
Wall Hang 1
Wall Hang 2
Wall Hang 3

Orders / Payments

We offer a variety of methods to pay for your order.

Credit card payments can be made using Visa, Mastercard or Amex. Alternative payment options include ShopifyPay.


To cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible.  If your order hasn't been sent to the warehouse for shipping, our Customer Experience Team will be happy to assist you in cancelling your order. 

If your order has already been processed and is ready to ship or has shipped, we will not be able to cancel or amend the order. 

If you would like to make any additions to your order, a new one will need to be placed instead. If you wish to return any item(s) from your order, please follow the return process outline once you receive your shipment.

After you have added items to your cart, click the shopping bag icon in the top right corner of your screen to view your cart. From there, click ‘Checkout’ on the right side of your screen. 

Enter the gift card or discount code in the box below the items in your cart, click ‘Apply’. If you have multiple gift cards, you must enter one at a time. Once you click 'Apply', then you may enter the second.

Please note: Discount codes can only be applied to regular priced items. Discount codes can not be stacked. You may only apply one discount code per order. 


** If you purchased a or received a gift card on the old site, it will still work on the new website!

No, your order cannot be changed once it has been submitted.

If your order hasn't been sent to the warehouse for shipping, it may be cancelled and you may place a new order.  Please contact us as soon as possible and our Customer Experience Team will be happy to assist you. 

If your order has already been processed and is ready to ship or has shipped, we will not be able to cancel. If you would like to make any additions to your order, a new one will need to be placed instead.

If you wish to return any item(s) from your order, please follow the return process outline once you receive your shipment.


Returns/ Warranty

The warranty on HockeyShot varies by product and takes into account the type of product, how the product is used as well as other factors. At minimum, all HockeyShot branded product carry a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Exceptions to this policy are outlined below.

HockeyShot warrants to the original purchaser of any HockeyShot product that the product will be free of defects in materials or workmanship for 365 days from the date of purchase. We ask you to save your proof of purchase, as it will be required part of the warranty process.

This warranty does not cover damages resulting from:

  • Accident
  • Misuse
  • Abuse
  • Anticipated wear
  • Lost Merchandise or
  • Damage from the elements


If the product is damaged in transit due to shipper neglect, please contact us immediately. To return a product damaged in transit, either refuse the package(s) or reach out to us directly to get the issue resolved.


HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles

Both Regular and Premium Synthetic Ice Revolution tiles carry a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Additional terms of this warranty are the same as our standard 1 year warranty.


Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels

HockeyShot Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice panels carry a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Additional terms of this warranty are the same as our standard 1 year warranty.

Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels, Revolution Tiles, and All-Star Tiles even though the tiles are UV protected to prevent sun damage, it is still recommended to store them indoors or covered with a tarp when not in use. For all other products, do not leave them outside, as prolonged exposure to sun and rain will degrade them. Damage due to weather exposure is not covered under warranty. This warranty is valid in Canada & USA. Proof of purchase is required for warranty coverage.

HockeyShot Extreme Goal and Indestructible Goal Netting

Netting is not covered under warranty.


We want you to be fully satisfied with every item that you purchase from HockeyShot. If you are not satisfied with your HockeyShot order, you can request a return for eligible items within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price. Original shipping and handling fees will not be refunded.

Returned items must be unused and in the original packaging. If your HockeyShot items are returned in damaged condition, with missing parts, or have signs of abuse, HockeyShot has the right to refuse a refund.

Once the package is received & approved by our distribution center, a refund for the returned item(s) will be issued to the original payment method within 5-7 business days.

To initiate a return please contact Customer Service. 

Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice and Clearance products are final sale and ineligible for return.

Restocking and shipping fees may apply.

Gift cards and Clearance Items are Final Sale

Any sale refunds will be a Store Credit only

Please be advised our Return Policy only applies to online purchases made on or For purchases made via our Retail Partners, returns should be made at the point of purchase and are subject to that retailer’s return policies.


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Last Updated: September 22, 2020


HockeyShot products ship from two warehouses, pending on where you are located and what product is on your order.

  • St. George, Ontario ( and
  • St. Henry, Ohio ( *Extreme Glide panels for US customers only*)

The Free Shipping promotion is only eligible on orders whose shipping destination is within the 48 Contiguous United States and the 10 provinces of Canada. States/regions outside of the contiguous United States are excluded from this promotion. The territories of Canada are excluded from this promotion.

The promotion does not apply to any order shipped to a different country, regardless of billing address used for the order. All orders shipped to the qualifying regions outlined above totaling $250 or more in the site's local currency qualify for the Free Standard Shipping Promotion. The terms and conditions of this promotion are outlined below:

  1. If available, free standard shipping promotion applies only to shipping and handling expenses on orders over the specified amount of the promotion. Promotion only applies to the order subtotal, excluding sales tax, placed anywhere within the website or through the Customer Experience Contact Center.
  2. Free standard shipping promotion only applies to Standard Shipping. 
  3. Free standard shipping promotion only applies to delivery addresses within the eligible regions outlined above. Orders must ship to a single address.
  4. Free standard shipping promotion does not apply to purchases that include Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels.
  5. Free standard shipping promotion is not valid if items in an order are canceled, bringing the subtotal below the specific amount of the promotion.
  6. Promotion will be applied as a credit toward the shipping and handling fee.
  7. Promotion not valid for cash or cash equivalent or towards previous purchases.
  8. HockeyShot Inc. reserves the right to change or discontinue the free standard shipping promotion at any time without notice.

It is possible that your order was shipped in several packages and some may arrive before the others. It is important to check the status of each of your packages.

If you previously created a HockeyShot Account, click the ‘Log In’ link in the top right hand corner of any page on Once you have logged in, click ‘Order History’ on the left side of the screen, then click on the order you wish to track. From there, you can click on ‘Track your order’. Once you have clicked on the third party tracking link, scroll to the bottom of the shipping carrier page to find ‘Other Packages in this Shipment’. Ensure each of the packages indicates ‘Delivered’. 

If you checked out as a guest on, please go back in your email to find your Shipment Update including the tracking numbers for all the packages in your order. Once you have clicked on the third party tracking link, scroll to the bottom of the shipping carrier page to find ‘Other Packages in this Shipment’. Ensure each of the packages indicates ‘Delivered’. 

If each of your packages show a status of ‘Delivered’, but you have not received one or more items in your order, please contact Customer Experience by clicking on the widget in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

We do not ship to PO Boxes. 

For the security of your package, we ship to residential and business civic addresses only.