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Extreme Shooting Tarp Artist Edition

Regular price $349.99 CAD
Regular price $349.99 CAD


INTRODUCING NEW ARTIST EDITION GRAFFITI TARP! Are you a hockey player wanting to become the go-to goal scorer for your team? Then it’s time to unleash your inner sniper using our BRAND NEW Artist Edition Graffiti Tarp! This tarp’s fun design, durability and slim features will allow you to take your shooting accuracy to the next level without breaking a window or damaging a wall or garage (your parents are going to love it). And the best part? It’ll look cool in your garage or basement. It’s time to get those hands hot and level up your shooting game in style. Installation hardware not included.


  • Heavy duty, 18 oz reinforced vinyl designed to withstand repeated impact of regulation pucks.
  • Easy installation and removal. Installation hardware not included.
  • Absorbs pucks so you spend less time chasing them.
  • Design minimizes visibility of dirt.
  • Features a strap to hang your Reactive Sniper from for your training sessions.
  • Designed for residential use.
  • 7X16 


Improves Shooting

Show #HOCKEYSHOT How You Train