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Improving Your Passing Technique

Hockey Tips

Throughout the course of a game, there are a variety of pass types that can, and should be used, depending on the situation. Some of these pass types include "cushion & sweep," "touch pass," and "saucer pass." Furthermore, you should be able to perform each of these on both your forehand and backhand.

In this video, we show you how to work on your passing technique at home, using equipment from HockeyShot.

The cushion & sweep pass should be your baseline. The technique we explain in this video allows you to keep your target square to the passer at every point along the receiving route. With a solid foundation on the cushion & sweep pass, it'll be easier to move up to the more complex passing types later on. The main key points on the cushion & sweep pass are as follows:

  • Sweep when delivering
  • When receiving, make sure to have the stick out front, blade turned up
  • Blade rolls over as puck comes in

The touch pass is useful in game situations that require a quick reaction. Your touch pass should accommodate the following key points:

  • Push top hand forward
  • Blade stays "cupped"
  • Cross-checking motion to give and receive passes

As you progress through these passing techniques, you will be continually adding to your passing "arsenal." Having a wide variety of physical tools available to you will allow you to make the proper passing selection at the proper time.