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Barber’s Favourite Drills with the HockeyShot Extreme Triangle Passer

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Who needs a passing buddy when you have the HockeyShot Extreme Triangle Passer? Let’s take a look at how Barber uses his!

At HockeyShot, we’re passionate about finding new ways to help hockey players get better.

World renowned skill and stickhandling specialist Pavel Barber shares this mission. From delivering technical content and teaching his hundreds of thousands of followers through social media to leading skills camps across the world - Barber is consistently committed to pushing hockey development to a whole new level.

HockeyShot is innovating hockey training tools. Pavel Barber is innovating hockey development. That’s why we teamed up with Barber to create the ultimate drill series with HockeyShot products.

In this video, Pavel Barber showcase three of his favourite drills with the HockeyShot Extreme Triangle Passer.

This multi-sider passer was specifically designed to deliver players a more dynamic rebounder tool - allowing players to hit give and go passes on the fly or in-tight in multi-directional drills.

Barber walks us through how players can use this tool to challenge their passing while developing those soft touches and quick pickups that allow them to become an offensive weapon down low!

If you just picked up your triangle passer, or are trying to take your hands, pick-ups, and catch-and-releases to the next level - these drills from Pavel Barber are a must watch!

Learn more about HockeyShot’s Extreme Triangle Passer here! At just 22 inches wide, this is the perfect at-home training tool to improve your skills, or for coaches to take their practice drills to a whole new level!