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The Cost of Building a Synthetic Ice Rink


Do you want to set up a practice surface in your basement for hockey workouts year long, or are you tired of mowing your back lawn? A Synthetic Ice Rink can be an excellent way to organize a great environment for skating practice or for keeping your hockey skills sharp when you can't book ice time at your local rink.

You might be skeptical of buying and installing Synthetic Ice, but if you compare these alternatives, the price will seem a lot more affordable!

Consider the cost of:

  • Renting an ice surface
  • The time required to build, maintain and take apart a backyard rink in the winter
  • Playing roller hockey in an organized league
  • Not playing hockey at all, and playing golf (with players eliminated from the playoffs)
  • Getting an expensive gym membership and personal trainer
  • Sitting on a lawn chair all off-season, on the couch between games and practices, and being cut from competitive play

  • In all seriousness though, there are many options to purchase the materials you need to build a Synthetic Ice practice surface. There are variables, and associated costs for:

  • Total synthetic ice rink area, typical size ranges from 8’ x 20’ and 20’ x 40’
  • Synthetic Ice thickness between ⅜ of an inch and ¾ of an inch, depending on whether the rink is going to be set up in a residential or commercial setting
  • Whether you are looking for a Synthetic Ice rink you can use skates on, or Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice which you would use with your sneakers and Slide Board Booties.
  • synthetic ice construction

    With these different options, you can purchase the materials for a Synthetic Ice rink for prices starting at $1,230 (CAD) for an 8’ x 20’ surface which is ⅜ of an inch thick to $6,675 (CAD) for a ½ inch thick, 20’ x 40’ surface. The HockeyShot team wants to help as many of our customers as possible to elevate their game with Synthetic Ice. That is why we offer a Points Rewards Program ($1 off for every 20 points spent) to customers. While you can’t use the points to get the Synthetic Ice cheaper, you can use the points to get free products from HockeyShot to enhance the value for your Synthetic Ice investment and training experience.

    Since our Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice lasts on average 15-20 years, we know you will need lots of training products to keep active!

    All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles

    If Synthetic Ice surfaces are out of your budget range, or if you are interested in an indoor/ outdoor surface which can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled with ease - you should check out: HockeyShot’s All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles. Not everyone can monopolize their basement for hockey practice, or figure skating practice. Dryland Flooring Tiles range in price between $940 CAD for a 8’ x 20’ and $4,420 CAD for a 20’ x 40’ space.

    If you are looking to lay down tiles in your garage where you park your car, or in a basement where people will be walking on it, these Dryland Flooring Tiles are extremely durable and highly resistant. No need to pay for a garage extension, and these tiles are easy to clip together and maintain inside or outside (weather resistant and UV protected).

    Is Synthetic Ice Worth the Price?

    Jeremy Rupke from How To Hockey & The Hockey Movement says Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice is “awesome” for stickhandling, shooting and passing and great for skating on. You can use both sides of HockeyShot’s Synthetic Ice, it’s self-lubricating, and lasts between six and ten years, depending on frequency and severity of use. Competing products are often inferior and require special lubrication liquid, the material shreds with use, and dulls skate blades faster.

    in home synthetic ice rink

    Coaches, community centers and other commercial organizations can purchase the thicker grade synthetic ice for heavier use. Spreading the cost to more people can help to purchase larger surfaces with thicker density, especially where arenas have abundant amounts of floor area.

    Ready for an off-ice hockey workout that is as close to on-ice as you can get without the cold temperatures? Check out our website or contact us for a custom quote.

    You won’t regret purchasing The Ice That Doesn’t Melts!