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AB16 Skills Training System Product Spotlight

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Ready to take your hands to the next level? The AB16 Skills Training System is geared to skyrocket your stickhandling, reaction time and passing skills. Get a one up on your opponent and start adding some heat to those hands.

Designed by HockeyShot and NHL All-Star Aleksander Barkov, this kit includes all the tools to up your game. Well known for his elite-level stickhandling and passing skills, Aleksander Barkov has been working with HockeyShot for many years and has helped us put together the ultimate package to constantly improve those skills at home. 

The AB16 Skills Training System includes:

  • 10 All-Star Dryland Tiles
  • 4 Puck Stopper Edging
  • 4 Rebounder Foam
  • Dryland Puck
  • Reactive Sniper + tripod
  • Custom AB16 coloured stickers

With the combination of these training tools, it’s sure to take your game above and beyond. The All-Star Dryland Tiles feature a patented, symmetrical clipping system for quick assembly and easy removal. Once the tiles are set up, attach the Puck Stopper Edging to both ends and adhere the Rebounding Foam to the sides. Set up the different interval levels on the Reactive Sniper and begin to challenge yourself on improving your stickhandling abilities. Attach the Reactive Sniper onto the tripod for a better training experience and you’re good to get training. 

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, this training package is designed to constantly improve your stickhandling, reaction time and passing skills. Create your own drills and increase the difficulty as you progress through your training. Time to get those hands hot and take your stickhandling game to the next level.

Visit the AB16 Skills Training System page to learn more.